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Holistic Home Trends to Try Right Now

We’ve all been spending a lot more time at home lately, which means there’s never been a better time to enhance the health of our abode — and in turn ourselves. Ready to try your hand at a little woo-woo? From the wellness benefits of color therapy and crystal healing to the mood-boosting practices of feng shui and spiritual smudging, here’s the latest crop of home trends that aim to keep us happy and healthy within our four walls.

Feng Shui

Grounded in common-sense practices that make your home — and its inhabitants — both healthier and more organized, the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui counts Oprah, Gwyneth Paltrow and Meghan Markle among its fans.

One of the most important principles in the art of feng shui is the commanding position, which governs how you are positioned in life and sets you up to receive positive energy. At home, the commanding position in any room is the spot farthest from the door and not in direct line with it, but still with a clear sightline to it. A simple trick? Remember that the commanding position is where you want to spend most of your time when you are in that space and work backward from there.

Color Therapy

While most of us are generally drawn to certain colors for aesthetic reasons, more and more homeowners and designers are turning to color to create a specific feeling — think calm, energetic, romantic or creative — within a space.

Warm hues like red, orange and yellow tend to excite and stimulate, while cool tones like blue, green and white typically soothe and restore. Want to liven up your kitchen for family meals? Consider a spirited sunny yellow. Prefer to chill with some takeout instead? Try a serene and tranquil soft gray. Mix and match by finding shades that play well with others to ensure you’ll always feel right at home, no matter your mood.

Crystal Healing

From healing rituals to divination practices to spiritual attunement, gemstones have long been used to restore and enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual equilibrium. When translated to interior design, crystals bring the power of nature indoors, absorbing, emitting, transforming and grounding energy.

Try placing crystals like rose quartz in your bedroom for love, citrine in your office for wealth, fuchsite in your bathroom for relaxation, amethyst and black tourmaline in your entryway for protection, and selenite in spots where energy tends to stagnate, like closets and under the sofa. In addition to the wellness benefits, a well-placed crystal does double duty as decor, adding a sculptural element to any space.

Light Therapy

Designed to address the negative mind and body effects of artificial lighting — which impacts everything from sleep-wake cycles to hormone regulation — new lighting brands are using science-backed technological innovation to enrich everyday well-being.

Take Brilli, which recently introduced a first-of-its-kind collection of bulbs and fixtures that promises to improve circadian health and reduce eye strain while still offering premium light quality and energy efficiency. Or consider the smart bulbs from Philips and Samsung that can help sharpen your attention in the office or cue winding down before bed with varying brightness. It’s time we see the light, so to speak.

Spiritual Smudging

The practice of smudging, or burning fat, leafy bundles of dried sage, is one rooted in ancient Native American tradition and is thought to promote healing, wisdom and longevity. Some even say this cleansing ritual is the best — and easiest — way to rid your home of negativity.

To start, experts advise, find a tranquil spot in your house and create an altar with personal, purposeful objects. Purify the air and bring positive energy to the space by lighting palo santo sticks or white sage bundles, then close your eyes, and consciously try to connect with the core of your being. By mindfully creating meditative, thoughtful moments, you can slow down, feel more grounded and reflect on the positive things in life.

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